The work is called “Foglia” (“Leaf”): it is made with a porcelain stoneware slab, animated by a chromatic diarchy, of white and black, which feeds the texture of the curved surface of the object.

It is a work of design that originates from the observation of reality, of Nature, for a subsequent translation into a dimension deriving from perception and from a new acquisition of identity, substantiated by intellectual and design evocations. A leaf that also looks like a shell, or even a maieutic abstraction that entrusts to the form the importance of an emotional journey that leads to an interpretative reading, not in search of mimesis, but of a different answer, perhaps a translation of a perceptive sense of sudden surprise or a punctual analysis based on a recognition of an universal value.

Her work unfolds itself not only through the use of the material, of its plasticity and of its processing according to a technique that leads to the maximum experimentation, but also through the aiming towards an expression that represents the experience of new forms, new observations of the surrounding world, tending, in a lucid and yet imaginative way, original to a refined search for the ideal, beautiful, in which purity of the material and softness of the forms move, binding and then moving away, in a sort of dance that is found in the rhythm of FOGLIA, where the structure follows a free and imaginative, intellectual, phantasmagorical and essential expression.

Azzurra Immediato
Art Critic
December 2017