Earthenware glazed plate
Dimensions cm 24,5 X 36,7
Production run: 350 units

Inspiration for the creation of the SUAVE plate came from a fresco by Giotto that you can find in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy. It represents the first kiss in the history of art – the one between St Joachim and Anne, the parents of Mary, the mother of Jesus.
The fresco dates back to the early 1300s. This kiss expresses the tenderness of eternal love – the open eyes, unbelieving and filled with gratitude, and St Anne’s delicate caress on St Joachim’s face.

This plate is dedicated to the town of Dozza, a city of art in Italy. The plate is made of white ceramic modelled with the wet pressing technique.
The glaze covering the dish is non-toxic and it is suitable for use with food.
SUAVE will be produced as a limited edition of 350 plates.

She was able to merge the elegance of her precise and essential and expressive sign into a beautiful object of use. A theme of high symbolic value is rendered with technical mastery, deep sensitivity and extraordinary creativity.
I particularly love the Scrovegni Chapel and I would never thought that such a significant detail would be re-created so beautifully by a contemporary artist.
This is true art that reveals the universal value of the work with immediate impact.

Maria Proja de Santis